The Shadow League

Ancient History
The origins of the Shadow League may date back to India. The founders of the shadow league are supposedly an order of mystics and ascetics who believed that anything could be taken including life itself. Should the gods want this prevented it would be. They are rumored to have the ability to turn into shadow, kill anything and return the dead to life (the ultimate theft). Members of this sect are said to have inspired the Shaolin when the Chinese came to India to study and the founders of the the first Ninja of Japan.

Current History
The most commonly known form of the Shadow League (Shadōrīgu) finds it’s roots in ancient Japan. While the Iga, the Koga, and other ninja families emulated the mystic arts with sleight of hand and chicanery, the Shadow League actually practice the dark arts. Legend has it they were taught their craft by the Tengu and other ninja families stole their secrets but were never able to actually master them. While it was believed the ninja were wiped out or merely legends the Shadow League let this belief persist. At it’s core the Shadow Society and it’s initiates believe in honoring the three pillars: Theft, Murder, and Sorcery and attempt to embody them in all things. The bulk of the society is formed by kidnapped infants. The stolen infants were raised in the clan fortress in the depths of the Aokigahara forest until recently when the American hero Emerald Dragon wiped out most of the clan’s leadership.

Before this event the clan made it’s name and profits as elite assassins and thieves. From the 1400’s to recent times they would take payment in the form of exactly 40 lbs. of gold or one infant. Once payment was made it was certain that the task would be complete. The gold enriched the clan’s coffers and the children were raised to be clan members.

The first years of clan membership are focused on the Ninja arts of assassination and stealth. Children are mercilessly instructed and inducted into the clan’s methods from the moment they are given to the clan. Upon the child’s 20th anniversary of being given to the clan the child is given one final assignment, either a murder or a theft. The assignment is assigned by the clan’s grand master. If successful the initiate returns to the the clan’s fortress and they are given the Black Blood of the Dragon. This mystic substance either kills the initiate or grants them super powers. Those that live are given over to the Council of Shadows to complete their training. They are trained by the elite of the clan in the use of their newfound abilities and are sent out into the world to complete the clan’s most advanced and impossible assignments. This tradition remained true until Emerald Dragon wiped out the majority of the clan’s leadership. Many have believed the League destroyed in the past. Whether that remains true to date remains to be seen.

Notable Members
Blindside – The League’s only recorded westerner. Also hunted for breaking the clan’s traditions.

Shadow Lotus – The world’s deadliest assassin. Has not been heard of since the destruction of the clan. No one knows if this superhuman is alive or dead or eve what sex he or she may be. Currently considered at large.

The Shadow League

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