Little League

Little League is a group of teen supers led by the vigilante killer “Dynamite.” Imagine a group of teenagers who should never have super powers…ever. This is an apt description for the hero team known as “Little League (although it would be advisable to never call them that to their faces).” Other than Dynamite, all of the members of the group acquired their powers during the Silver Storm. Individually the members are quite powerful but lack discipline, self control or any kind of training with the exception of Dynamite. The group formed when Bass found Dynamite and her father chained to several cement blocks and being thrown into the bay by a Manetti hit squad. After “rescuing” Dynamite determined to try to train Bass and continue her campaign to eliminate the Manetti’s from Emerald City. While training and on patrol they recruited other teens their age and from that base formed their own super hero team.


Dynamite is the daughter of one of the most lethal humans on Earth Prime, the Vigilante Overkill. Overkill trained Dynamite her whole life to follow in his footsteps as a killer of murderers. Now that he appears to be dead she’s on her own to continue her father’s work.

Bass is a teen runaway from Emerald City’s foster system. She spend most of her teens living on the streets. When the Silver Storm hit she received the ability to manipulate sound waves with explosive effect. Unfortunately she has a short temper and little love for her fellow man.

Voltage was just a regular teen out shopping on the Yellow Brick Row when the Silver Storm hit. His mother and him were caught in the wreckage of fallen power lines that came down during the Storm. His mother sacrificed herself to try to and get him free. Thousands of amps channeled through both of them. Voltage lived and his mother died. Custody fell to his Uncle John. Of all the members of Little League Voltage is the one who’s most likely to split from Dynamite’s philosophy and become a hero rather than a vigilante.

Rage was never noticed in school. He was small his entire life. In school he was nearly invisible when he wasn’t being beaten up. When the Silver Storm hit he was in the Emerald City Metropolitan Museum. He was near the Ashurai exhibit when a bolt from the storm caused the display to explode. His body was shredded by fragments of the display. One of the fragments would change his life. It caused his body to be possessed by the spirit of an Ashurai Templar and transformed him into a lesser version of one. Rage found that he was able to fly, lift tons, and be nearly invulnerable to physical damage and powers he hasn’t discovered yet. Unfortunately the spirit of the Templar makes him prone to unspeakable rage and outbursts of uncontrollable violence.

Little League has one “go to” move, overwhelming violence. Dynamite leads the group and her solutions tend to have little regard for civilian casualties. Their approach is normally the most direct route possible using their powers to their maximum, explosive effect.

Little League

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