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Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon (comics)
Publication information
Publisher KW Comics
First appearance KW Premiere #1 (April 2017)
Created by Brian Felker
J Bob (artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Daiyu Zhang
Team affiliations: TBD
Partnerships: Blindside (Tim’s Character)

*Abilities *
Expert martial artist, Armor, Utilizes concentrated chi in hers fists called the “Dragon Punch”, Chi Healing, Leap.

Emerald Dragon is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by KW Comics. Created by Brian Felker, Emerald Dragon first appeared in KW Premiere #1 (April 2017). The character is a practitioner of martial arts and the wielder of a mystical force known as Dragon Style, which allows her to summon and focus her chi. She starred in her own solo series in the 2017.

Publication History

Emerald Dragon, along with the previously created Master No Cha, came from KW Comics during an American pop culture trend in the early to mid-2000s of martial arts heroes. Writer Brian Felker wrote in a text piece in KW Premiere #1 that Emerald Dragon origin and creation owe much to Roy Thomas and Gil Kane’s Iron Fist character. Emerald Dragon starts out as a vigilante who helps try to clear up crime in her neighbor hood. Not un like the Punisher, she does not shy away from using deadly force when warranted. Daiyu runs a Do jo teaching Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. With her healing abilities she also takes care of people in her community.

Character Back Story

On 12/12/82 Daiyu was born in Mount Sinai Beth Israel (hospital) In New York City. Her parents Ming, and Lin Zhang, owners of Zhang Golden buffet. Daiyu was thought to be lucky due to the Small dragon shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade. Her first 10 years were normal, life in China town and Manhattan was exciting.

1992. Daiyu was kidnapped on her way home from school. Her kidnappers agents from the Shadow League sent by Master No Cha the aging master of the dragon. No explained to Daiyu that she was to learn the way of the dragon, an ancient form of healing and martial arts to continue his legacy. Life was hard for Daiyu, daily beatings, martial arts training. Dark Alchemy was used to make her resistant to attacks. By the age of 25 Daiyu is a living weapon, her skills to the out side world were low, but her fighting styles and powers were on par. Master No Cha was more like a father to her now. wished for her to go on the path of the true Dragon Master (To protect the weak and heal the sick), but the Shadow League had other plans. When word spread that Daiyu was to be sent home to the America, the league sent assassins to kill No Cha and take Daiyu to their leader. Daiyu and No Cha fought off 50 of the Ninjas, but No Cha was killed in the fight. Burying her master and finding the location of that sect of Shadow members, she found them and destroyed them.
2008: Daiyu gets help from a friend and also and ex Shadow member. Finding her parents had moved to Emerald city, she traveled there and reunited with her parents. Daiyu Starts the Zhang Do jo and heals people in her neighborhood.

The Dragon form is like Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun and the mystic arts rolled into one. Daiyu is the Emerald Dragon, The Emerald Dragon is a master that only comes every 10 centuries. This master is a protector of their city. Daiyu feels that finding her parents in Emerald city is a sign.

Aftermath of comics release:

Social justice warriors started to pick apart writer Brian Felker and KW Comics for not having enough Latino characters (like they did with the Avengers) in its line of comics and cried that an Asian martial artist was a stereo type. The LGBT community even complained that their group is never seen in any KW Comics. There was even anger over the fact that Daiyu’s parents owned a Chinese restaurant. With the comics Brian had written like Hachiman Samurai warrior, Titan Team 10, and the popular Star Wars Ravenloft cross over Sith Lord Von Zarovich, it was pointed out that no LGBT or Latino characters were in any of the lines of comics he had put out. In a time when even Iron Fist actor Finn Jones had to delete his twitter due to SJW’s calling it racist for a white man to play a martial artist that was better than his Asian counter parts (obviously none of them have read the original Iron Fist).

Drastic Measures:

After the out cry Brian re wrote the character in a short time so the new re written story could be given away for free as a double copy, one with the new character background and one with that character in the exact same situation during the silver storm, making sure no detail of that event had changed other than the art work. With the new release there were mixed reviews but few complaints since all the complaints were met, and met free of charge to consumers The comic was released as a full Graphic novel about her family of Puerto Rican decent, and their heroics during 9/11, to how her powers came to be.

Emerald Dragon Release May 6 Story:

On 12/12/92 Daiyu was born in Mount Sinai Beth Israel (hospital) In New York City. Her parents Joe, and Maria Rodriguez, Joe an NYPD officer and Maria an FDNY EMT. Daiyu was born with a small dragon shaped birthmark on her left shoulder blade. Joe named her Daiyu after his partner and fellow officer Daiyu Zhang. Her first 8 years were normal, life in Manhattan was exciting. Sadly on 9-11-2001 Daiyu1992. Daiyu lost her mother and father during the tragic events. Officer Zhang adopted Daiyu at the age of 10. March 2003 while on a field trip to the Intrepid Sea Air & Space Museum, Daiyu had sneaked away from the class with her girlfriend Sara, little did they know they were being followed. While they were at the end of the ship an agent of the Shadow League kicked Sara over the edge and stunned Daiyu with a Taser. Taken to an old Nazi bunker in Argentina Teyú Cuaré park, near the border with Paraguay, Daiyu was told that she was born to be a living weapon and that she would be trained and molded into the Emerald Dragon and would be an agent of the Shadow League. She was then taken into the bunker, there she saw the room was covered in runes, with a golden medallion attached to the ceiling. There she met Master No Chu, and her training began. Learning Several different styles of martial arts would take time, and in the room time moved slower, her 20 years of torture, training and education was only 10 years in real time. The last 5 years of her training (yes 2.5 in real time) were the hardest, No Chu would bring in local fighters to fight her to the death, at first the fights being unmatched with a super powered fighter against them. Later fights the the victims would try to fight back with guns, swords and various other weapons. September 5th Blindside had tracked an artifact to Teyú Cuaré. After some recon Blindside found a way in where he found Daiyu. Daiyu and Blindside eliminated the Shadow league and in an epic battle killed Master No Chu. Blindside reunited Daiyu with her adopted mother. Officer Zhang had transferred to Emerald City PD. Daiyu started teaching Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and eventually opens her own Do jo. The rest of the comic goes into her one woman army dealing with the gangs in her neighborhood and her friendship with her neighbor the magician, and the silver Storm.

Who is the new Emerald Dragon:

Daiyu is a 25 year old Puerto Rican descent. Daiyu is extremely loyal to her friends and family, and would die to protect any team she is in. The character is a huge Sci fi fan, and loves Classic Hip hop and alternative rock like Trapt and Breaking Benjamin, The Notorious BIG and the Wu Tang Clan. The art for the character is now a character in peak physical fitness (yes there are people saying it is fat shamming, the artist used an actual fitness model to draw up the character ). Daiyu is now Bi Sexual to appease the LGBT community.


Killing people for me is easier than it should be.

The dumber people think you are, the more surprised they’re going to be when you kill them.

Defeat is a state of mind; No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.

Wow, your faster than Jeanne-Claude Van Damme after an 8-ball of cocaine!

Ninjas spend all their time in black pajamas, and I’m sure they’re the most dangerous girls at the slumber party. But in Dragon style we don’t have slumber parties. We have slaughter parties. On the invite list, violent offenders.

A warrior is worthless unless you can rises above others and stands strong in the midst of a storm.

Emerald Dragon

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