Master...? of the Mystical Arts


Publication information
Publisher KW Comics
First appearance KW Premiere #1 (April 2017)
Created by Tim Runge
Writing Teams: Jim Butcher, Tracy Hickman

In-story information
Alter ego Peter Norton
Team affiliations: TBD
Partnerships: Blindside, Emerald Dragon

Mystical powers, including flight, magical blasts and teleportation

Redstone is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by KW Comics. Created by Tim Runge, Redstone first appeared in KW Premiere #1 (April 2017). The character is a practitioner of magical arts, which he is currently still trying to determine the extent of. The character was inspired by both the mystical side of the Marvel universe, such as Dr. Strange and the 80’s TV show ‘The Greatest American Hero’. He starred in his first solo series in the 2018.

Character Back Story:
Ever since he was a child, Peter Norton loved magic. He would dazzle his friends, mystify his teachers, and make his homework disappear. Always armed with a witty joke or pun, he lived to entertain. This love translated into his professional life as a stage magician. Mildly successful in the Emerald city area, he was nervously setting up for the largest show of his career, the Frontier Days festival.

That’s when the Silver Storm hit… and that’s when his world changed forever.

His knowledge of stage magic took root, granting him the powers he had long pretended and dreamed to have. Armed with his new found mystical abilities, Redstone struggles to hold himself to the high standards set by the heroes in Freedom City while trying to master the many facets of this new power.

Didn’t know I could do that…
Wait, was that me?
That is NOT what I intended to do.


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