Mystic Artifact Hunter


Height: 6ft. 2in.
Weight: 235 lb.
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Blue

Caucasian male in his early 30’s. Tall, athletic build. Slight stubble. While teaching he wears appropriate academic attire. In the field he dons his Blindside persona and outfit.


Blindside (Comics)

Publication information
Publisher KW Comics
First appearance KW Premiere #1 (April 2017)
Created by Eric Ray
Artist S.D. Guy

In-story information

Alter ego: Sean Michael Reese
Team affiliations: TBD
Partnerships: Emerald Dragon, Redstone

Summoning Arcane Arrows; Teleportation; Enhanced Senses; Enhanced Healing;

Publication History

Character Back Story:
On Oct. 30 1984 Sean Michael Reese was born to Patrick and Laura Reese in Detroit Michigan. Patrick was a hard working, honest, “salt of the Earth” type who worked at the General Motors Plant on the assembly line. Laura was a housewife with a penchant for petty larceny, shoplifting, and gambling. In 1992 Patrick was accidentally killed on the job. While General Motors and Sean were genuinely saddened by this fact, Laura saw it as an opportunity. She took the money and Sean to the bright lights of Las Vegas. It took her about two weeks to lose all the money that she received from Patrick’s death. She was then able to talk her way into a line of credit. 2 days and 3 Bottles of Jack Daniel’s later she found herself in debt to the Casino for $150,000. That is when a man came out of nowhere and offered to show her how she wouldn’t have to pay the casino back in return all she had to do was give him Sean. Seeing an easy way out, she immediately agreed and handed Sean over to the stranger. Then as the stranger took Sean away from what would have been a very sad life, he ended his mother’s

The man turned out to be a “recruiter” for the Shadow League, a clandestine organization whose only purpose is to carry out operations best accomplished from the shadows. Most people equate the league to assassination, but there are two other guilds within the league. The thieves and spy guilds. Sean was handed over to the thieves guild and trained in the mystic arts of the league. He trained and carried out countless jobs for the guild, all the while, honing his skills. At the age of 18 he was given the right to operate as a freelancer, paying a tithe to the guild in return for intel, a network of safe-houses, and fences.

Once on his own, the morality that his father had worked so hard to instill in Sean began to come to the fore. He chose to use his abilities, not to harm, but to help. He decided to start trying to reacquire artworks and artifacts that were stolen by the Nazis in WW2. His actions were quickly noticed by the Israeli government, namely the Massad. Sean was approached by Massad operatives and offered to do some work for them. He accepted and after only a few successful missions, the Israelis wanted an exclusive working relationship with Mr. Reese. The thieves guild was informed that Sean was going to be working for Massad only. While this did not sit well with them, they were not able to say much, due to the fact that the assassin guild of the League had been pretty decimated. Sean then took an honorary professorship of Art History at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev as a cover for his Massad activities.

Sean was in Emerald City on a mission for Massad, safeguarding a sarcophagus that he himself had stolen. That is when the Silver Storm event occurred. He had to act quickly in order to provide assistance to an old friend and stop some of the carnage of that event. In the process he inadvertently made a spectacle of himself, which made Massad cautious about using him unless it is an absolute emergency.



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