Mutants & Masterminds Silver Storm

Session 1 Wrap Up an Rules Questions
Chapter 0 - Prologue

Last night’s session began with the Prologue Chapter of the Silver Storm Adventure. All in all it went pretty much according to my session outline. I’ve started creating a rough outline for what I plan for the night in One Note for myself to help me stay on track. Last night we ran the phase trio from FATE to get the backgrounds tied together. It seemed to go well and was well received according to player feedback.

The session as written is a super hero slugfest between the PC’s and about 4 or five random “stormers.” Stormers are characters who’ve received their powers in the event of the same title. The main issue I have with it as written, is that the stormers come from nowhere, complete with background, names and powers. In the adventure they’re just supposed to have received them. In addition there’s no direction on where they’re supposed to happen or how. they just kind of dump the out and say “go.”

My solution to this was to create “vignettes.” Small establishing scenes that say who’s who and what they’re doing there. It was a bit of a gamble as I was concerned that they’d be that part of the video game where a player just presses “x” to get through it. I added player vignettes into it too so that they’re starting positions would be tracked.

I also used one to set up the Redshift Energies truck. No spoilers but there’s really not enough explanation of this major plot point in the campaign at all.

After that I just played out the individual combats in whatever way seemed dramatically appropriate.

At the end of the session we were able to get through most of the stormer fights, get a good foundation for the campaign and start establishing themselves as Emerald City’s hero team.

Next session will be scheduled based around Brian’s oncall schedule.

Planning and the Pitfalls Therein
Planning my Campaign

Brian had asked if I’d run the Silver Storm for the Mutants and Masterminds group. Initially I was reluctant as the last time I’d run it I think I’d had a brain jam and forgot some pretty important things about the system and had the impression half the party was indestructible. In all actuality I think I just forgot how the Impervious extra worked. That being said I got the material back and started planning.

I see published adventures like movie scripts with the GM as the director. There’s a rough outline but you’re going to have to add to it to make it worth it for your players. This adventure arc is fairly solid. It has a clear concept and gives you a sandbox that no one else is in to start your heroes and villains. The downside of this is the same. problem. There are no heroes and villains. You can easily grab them from any number of supplements but you do have to do the legwork to set it up and have it make sense. This requires some future planning and I’m not terribly great at this on my best day but I did go ahead and sketch out some rough notes and arcs for things to come.

Next I read the adventure. It’s solid in concept but it’s REALLY disjointed. On the surface it’s kind of a disconnected series of fights with a fairly flimsy concept to hang them on. The most egregious is the set up for the crux of the whole adventure. I’ll read it again but offhand it looks like there’s a plot hole large enough to drive a bus through. I can fix it but I’ll have to do it before Wednesday.

All in all OP (Obsidian Portal) does a pretty good job of helping me organize all of this as I can add items as I think of them an everything has a place. Going forward this space will contain a summary of the night’s session with GM notes in the GM only section below. Thanks for taking the time to read this if you did. More to come soon!

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